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Welcome to ALEAMIQA Facility, a dynamic and youthful company born out of the frustrations experienced by landlords seeking reliable and adept solutions for their property repairs. As a specialized sub-contractor services provider, we understand the unique challenges faced by property owners in Dubai, and we’ve set out to be the remedy.


To address the frustrations faced by landlords by providing reliable and efficient sub-contractor services. We are committed to delivering seamless solutions for both small and large-scale property repairs, ensuring the satisfaction and trust of our clients.


To be the go-to partner for property owners seeking excellence in construction and maintenance services in Dubai. We aim to create lasting relationships built on trust, professionalism, and the consistent delivery of high-quality work.


To become a leading force in the industry. We strive to set new standards in sub-contractor services, offering reliability and excellence in every project we undertake.

Why ALEAMIQA Technical Services is your Right choice?

We aim to reshape the experience of property owners in their quest for dependable and top-tier construction and maintenance solutions. We have the right services systems in place to offer you a fast and reliable team that is committed to helping you.

This includes providing you with all the essential services you’ll need, while working with ALEAMIQA  Technical Services in UAE, you’ll have a true professional who will be there anytime you have maintenance needs. ALEAMIQA Technical Service team always comes prepared, all you need to do is tell us your requirement and we will take care of it.